Trusting people

Everytime i look at you my heart goes faster and faster. Everytime that you smile to me, it feels like I’m in heaven. Everything that you do, reminds me of you. But after every smile i smile, there’s a reason for tears. People don’t know these reason, because they don’t know me. And if they don’t know me, they don’t have to knowabout how crazy I’m about you and how my life is. Only my friends, who I can trust, may now my secret, but otherwise, they need to shut there mouth and stay out of my business. 

Love with mistakes.


Everytime that i want to forget you, you come back to my life. Everytime that I look into you eyes, I’m drowning in a pool of sadness, pain, but also a little spark of happiness. Everytime that you look at me, I feel save and warm. But just when you have my trust, it allstarts over again. Just when you are out of my head, you come back and I can’tget you out. Boy , what are you doing to me? You can make my head spin and you can make my heart beat faster than normal.